Our clients guarantee that we need to trust!

Philosophy and principles

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Five dogmas of success of your business

We always tell a client the truth!

Many of our clients, when they addressed us for the first time, were extremely surprised because we were discouraging them from doing certain legal actions; we were persuading them to settle a disputable situation through negotiations instead of starting a long-term litigation.


They were surprised because they knew that law firms, for the most part, try to offer a client all kinds of services and consultations. And they usually begin with the fact that they raise invoices for the learning of client’s documents and regulatory framework.


We do not take money “for the learning of the regulatory framework,” because we know it. Having experience in certain branches of law, we can immediately assess a situation and orient a client to the options for resolving a problem.

When it becomes clear that litigation will lead to the fact that a client will lose more than he will gain, we will say this immediately without initiating long-term legal proceedings.


Often we convince a client of the need to negotiate with opponents, and it is from this we suggest starting complex and hard cases, whether it is a divorce case or a corporate dispute. In the opinion of some lawyers, this is not right, because a client is willing to pay, but from the point of view of our philosophy we do just that because this is our main principle.


We always tell a client the truth even if it is not profitable for us!
All problems matter!

We are often asked: why do clients address to us since we do not advertise our services? It is very simple: the Attorney Cherezov & Partners company treats every appeal with respect and attention. This can be either a large company that needs legal support or an ordinary citizen who has suffered from illegal actions.


Our company returned the apartment to a poor girl who suffered from fraudsters, reorganized a large agricultural holding, proved the innocence of a suspect in a resonant criminal case, and represented interests of the victims during The Revolution of Dignity in 2014 in Kiev. And many more. With that we devoted as much time and professionalism as necessary for a successful completion of the case to every client. This is why those people, whom we have already helped, perhaps with a solution of a small problem, address to us and recommend us as professionals. This is how we promote our company on the market — by providing high-quality services while solving an issue of any complexity.


If we say that we do not want to take on a case, it is only because we do not see a prospect of its successful completion in the way a client assumes. With that we always say why we offer this or that variant of the solution of a problem.


During a free preliminary consultation we make a decision whether to tackle a problem or not.


There are no major or minor problems for us, all problems and all clients matter to us.
Everything is strictly confidential!

A necessary condition for our cooperation is absolute trust. An attorney should know everything in order to understand what is most important. We understand that a client has addressed to us because he or she trusts us. We should also be completely sure that honesty and decency are mutual.


All documents or information handed over to us are under reliable protection not only of the company’s confidentiality principles but also of the Law of Ukraine “On Advocacy and Advocate’s Activity,” which makes their disclosure or withdrawal impossible even by law enforcement agencies.


An attorney, as a doctor, will be able to help only if a client tells the whole truth, shows all documents and strictly adheres to attorney’s recommendations as to a treatment prescribed by a doctor.
We have trusting relationships with all of our clients. During a free preliminary consultation we make a decision whether to tackle your problem or not. For us the main criterion for entering into an agreement for provision of attorney services is the ability to achieve the maximum result for a client.


We always adhere to the principles of classical legal companies, rules of legal ethics, and European norms of the attorney’s code of honour. Trust and decency are the main criteria for a successful cooperation in relationships in general, and with attorneys especially.


The publicity and reputation of our company is the best guarantee of secrecy of information received from our clients.


Our clients guarantee that we should be trusted!
All clients pay the same price!

Occasionally from clients and colleagues we hear rumours about huge sums of invoices which are supposedly raised by our company for its services. We understand that we are a public company, and, quite often, we represent interests of famous people. However, the rumours about our fees are greatly exaggerated. We have absolutely standard tariff policy for all of our clients regardless of their financial situation or fame. Aside from litigation which is widely covered in the press we conduct many other cases, and people address to us with absolutely different social level and prosperity. If we see a prospect of winning a case for a client, we form a mutually acceptable cost of our services together with them. First of all, obtaining a positive result for a client in a reasonable time period is decisive.


As a socially responsible company we can not work for free, because we pay taxes on account of which not only the poor, pensioners, and doctors are maintained but also a system of law enforcement agencies and courts. Thus, we pay taxes for a proper functioning of state structures and law enforcement agencies because they are a key of constant workload of attorneys of our company. This is partly humorous. But only partly — we really pay taxes to the budget. And in 2016, with the analysis of the ratio of employees and a number of paid taxes, our company won Leader of the Branch award.


One of the paradoxes of a profession of attorney — each client believes that an attorney should only deal with their case but! for free because an attorney has other clients who pay well. We always meet the needs of our clients because they understand that for a quality protection in their case we can not have a vast amount of projects. Otherwise, we will not be able to devote sufficient time to each client, analyzing their problem, developing a strategy, and preparing documents. At the same time, our attorneys are high-quality specialists and should receive a decent payment for their work.


We always find a reasonable compromise between our desire to provide quality service and a client’s desire to solve their problem for free. It’s not difficult, because:


All clients pay the same price!
The team of specialists, not specialists in the team!

All of our clients enter into an agreement not with a specific attorney but with a law firm. With that a client’s problem is always dealt with directly by one of the partners engaging other attorneys of the firm or assistants. It is a partner who leads a project completely. But we differ from most associations by the fact that all attorneys are well aware of all details of the projects of other partners. Thus, we can easily replace each other in case of “conflicts” with a time of meetings.


Moreover, a team work principle gives a client the confidence that several attorneys have studied his problem and have produced the most effective strategy.


This does not affect an amount of the invoice. We do not charge extra money for studying documents by other partners or attorneys of the firm. Once having determined a fee, we do not raise additional invoices for engaging other partners or specialists.


Our firm cooperates with a number of experienced and eminent attorneys throughout Ukraine and abroad. Therefore, if necessary, we repeatedly engaged our colleagues to participate in legal proceedings.


There is a constant staff of employees in our firm; we work according to the principle that was loved by the commander Suvorov — “not with numbers, but by skill.” We deliberately do not recruit a large staff of trainees with low wages and lack of experience which are entrusted to some of the work as some companies do. For many years all of our employees have been gaining experience of conducting the cases together with partners, participating in legal proceedings, attending court sessions, and so, they become specialists and full members of an attorney team of our firm. This is how it is created:


The team of specialists, not specialists in the team!