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If you have found yourself looking for the lawyer who will help you dissolve your marriage and probably divide your property, it is quite a challenging task: who can be trusted with your personal issues to avoid unpleasant arguments and resolve the problem in a quick and efficient manner?

This is what all of our customers asked themselves before choosing our professionals. Of course, their choice was based on recommendations of the people we had already helped rather than search on the Internet. We recommend all of our customers addressing us with such issues to hire an attorney for participation in such proceedings. It rules out the emotional element and unnecessary conflicts between the claimant and the defendant at the hearing, so it reduces the time necessary for consideration of the dispute in court.


If you have decided to dissolve you marriage or are interested in the marriage dissolution procedure for some reasons, if there is a conflict regarding the child’s place of residence, recovery of child or former spouse maintenance, division of property, determination of such property’s status, our company is ready to render qualified assistance as we have been defending our customers in such disputes for many years.


This category of disputes is quite complicated, and courts are busy considering numerous cases of marriage dissolution, maintenance recovery and property division fatiguing the litigants for years. In any case, our priority is to help the principal resolve the dispute or conflict on a pre-trial basis in order to avoid unnecessary time, financial and moral expenses. Only after all the ways of pre-trial resolution of the family dispute have been exhausted or failed, our company’s attorneys will prepare the necessary package of documents to be submitted to court.


We have witnessed numerous cases when one of the spouses had been secretly preparing for marriage dissolution in advance, had transferred marital property to relatives and collected evidence for the future litigation. As a result, the second spouse was left with nothing. That is why it is so important to seek the attorney’s assistance if you feel that something is wrong in your family relations, as there are many ways to protect yourself from possible negative effects of marriage dissolution.


We succeed in resolving disputes between spouses and former spouses, hold as many negotiations as necessary to dissolve the marriage with minimum expenses for both parties, and endeavour to save amicable relations between the spouses.


When considering marriage dissolution disputes, our main purpose is to ensure maximum results and minimum inconvenience for the customer.