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Defend client’s interests in the most complex criminal cases!


Our company has gained wide popularity and reputation as a law firm, successfully defending interests of clients in complex criminal cases. In connection with changes in the codes adopted in Ukraine, it would be more correct to say “defence counsel in criminal proceedings,” however, more common is the term “criminal defence attorney.” This is one of the most difficult areas in jurisprudence because apart from evidence contained in documents, a testimony of a suspect, expert studies, a subjective opinion of other participants of the process are of great importance. An attorney, who represents the interests of a client in a criminal proceeding either as a defender of a suspect or as a representative of an injured party, must not only know the legislation well, easily orientate in it but also be a little bit of psychologist.


We are proud to say that we are one of the most demanded and recognized specialists in protecting the interests of clients who are suspected or accused of committing crimes against property, in the field of economical activity, in the economic field, and in the field of official activity.


Following our principles, the company strictly observes the attorney-client privilege, and therefore we can give names of only those of our clients proceedings against whom were covered in the media, and our participation in them is not considered as a disclosure of the attorney-client privilege and does not violate other interests of clients. This is the Rector of the National University of the State Fiscal Service in Irpin — P. V. Melnik, and a famous politician — G. V. Balashov, a member of the High Council of Justice — P. N. Grechkovskii, a former People’s Deputy of Ukraine — N. V. Martynenko, the Head of the State Employment Service — I. M. Kashuba, the Head of the State Fiscal Service — R. M. Nasirov, a People’s Deputy of Ukraine — V. Parasiuk, a businessman and a politician — G. O. Korban, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of the NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine — S. V. Pereloma and many more.


Why do people choose us as attorneys exactly? Because the reputation of our company is repeatedly confirmed, in particular, by acquitting judgements, which our clients received entrusting their protection to us. We always adhere to our philosophy and principles of work, treat each client with respect and attention as well as every problem that is addressed to us; we always tell client the truth and raise fair amount of invoices for our services.


Our coordinated team of attorneys is always ready to come to the rescue and defend client’s interests in the most complex criminal cases.